My Story

As a Special Education Resource teacher, I was always in need of materials that were suited for my students. I created a lot of my own material for my classroom just as many other teachers do. I never thought twice about what I would do with that material. It was just for my students.

In August 2013, I was diagnosed with skin cancer and underwent surgery. Fortunately, it was contained in the removed mole and did not enter the lymph nodes. As I was sitting around recuperating from my surgery, I was searching the internet for more material for my students. I had purchased a few items from Teachers Pay Teachers the year before, so I was looking through TPT to see what I could buy. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I could sell my teacher-made resources. I was hoping for a little extra spending money since my digital scrapbook store closed. I signed up as a seller and put together a product.

After 2 1/2 years of selling, TPT became my full-time job. I didn't leave teaching so I could do this full-time. I would have to say that teaching left me. I was stressed to the point of developing migraines that I had never in my entire life experienced. While I enjoyed working with the students, the other "stuff" that had to be managed became too overwhelming. I no longer enjoyed going to work. I also felt that God was telling me to move on and that it was okay to leave my job. To top things off, the school corporation that I had worked in for 13 years was not hiring me. I was actually employed by a Special Ed Interlocal and my corporation was not going to use the Interlocal any more. The Interlocal who still employed me was going to send me to Alternative Ed. Not my area of expertise. So I walked away after 19 years of teaching.

I now have been full-time TPT-ing since June 2015 and have learned many things over my years of selling on TPT. I have gone through more surgeries for my cancer and 3 years of treatment. I am now in remission - praise God! 

I hope that I can share that information through this blog and that it will hopefully benefit new sellers. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you have specific questions.

I look forward to this new journey with you all.