Do You Use Doodle Fonts?

Image of multiple doodle fonts, text Organize Your Doodle Fonts

I love fonts. I have well over 2,000 on my computer. I am such a fanatic. Even with that amount I keep buying more.

I love clipart. I can't even imagine the number of clipart sets I've downloaded over the years. I've had to stop buying the really cutesy stuff because I can't use it on my resources. So it just sits there staring at me.

Something I discovered about a year ago was Doodle Fonts. Be still my heart. I can have clipart that works like a font. SO IN LOVE! So of course when I found them, I had to buy them. It didn't matter if I was going to use them or not. They now live on my computer. Most of them do get used.

Since I have a few and they work like fonts, I was having trouble knowing which one I wanted to use and which letter it was. The designers are great in that generally include an image of all the clips and what letter it corresponds to. But then I was having to go to the folder and open it up. I needed some organization and something that was right in front of me.

So here's what I did.

1) Grab some 4x6 blank (no lines) index cards and load into your printer.
2) Open up the image the designer includes.
3) Print each one to your index card. I printed the upper and lowercase on separate cards instead of back-to-back.
Image of blank index cards with index cards next to them with doodle fonts printed on them
Doodle Fonts Shown are from Kaitlynn Albani's KA Fonts - Doodle Fonts Growing Bundle 
4) Punch holes in the corner.
5) Add cards to a binder ring.
Image of index cards with doodle fonts printed on them attached on a binder ring
Doodle Fonts Shown are from Kaitlynn Albani's KA Fonts - Doodle Fonts Growing Bundle 
Woohoo! Now I can see the doodles, which set it is, and which letter to hit without too much effort.

Now some of you may be wondering about Doodle Fonts and how you can get your hands on these fabulous goodies. I have Doodles from Kaitlynn Albani, A Perfect Blend, Bunny on a Cloud, and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. There are others out there.
Pin Image with doodles in background, text How to Organize Doodle Fonts
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