Why Did I Earn a Different Amount for my Resource?

A common question that comes up frequently is

Why did I earn a different amount for my resource than I usually do?

This happens often and there are different reasons that this could happen. Here are some of the reasons for the price difference.

 You earned less than your regular earnings after commission. You are a premium seller, your resource is less than $3, and the buyer only purchased your resource. In this case, you are charged a 15 cent transaction fee because the buyer's cart total was less than $3.
shows 15 cent transaction fee on a sales report
 You earned less than the price but it had nothing to do with cart being less than $3. The buyer could have purchased an additional license. The default for an additional license is 10% off the price. There could still be a transaction fee applied if the cart was less than $3.
shows how an additional license looks on a sales report
 You earned less the sale price of an item but your store is not on sale. If you recently had a sale, it could be that the item(s) was purchased during the sale with a Purchase Order and it's just now being finalized. Sometimes they take a while.

 You earned more than the price of the resource. It also says TL on my Sales Report. In this case, a school purchased a Transferable License which is 40% more than the price of your resource.
shows how a Transferable License looks on a Sales Report
 You earned more than the price of the resource. Did you look to see how many of the item you sold? This could be a sale for 1 at regular price and at least 1 additional license or several additional licenses.
Shows image of 1 full price sale and multiple additional licenses
Happy selling!
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