We all want people to follow us. You might think that if you just had hundreds of thousands of followers in all of your social media and store then you would be a millionaire. Well, I'm not really going to tell you how to get hundreds of thousands of followers. First of all, I can't because I don't have that many. What I am going to tell you some Do's and Dont's to getting followers.

 Don't tell people you are following them and ask them to follow you.
 Don't post on another seller's Q&A that you are following them and that they should check out your store.
 Don't give things away just so people will follow you. You know the, "If I get 10 more followers, I'll do a Flash Freebie."
 Don't do giveaway after giveaway just to get followers. Once in awhile is fine.
 Don't do a "Follow Me and I'll Follow You" party.

 Do let people know where they can follow you by having it on your blog, Pinterest account, or Social Media accounts where appropriate and in a not-so-spammy way. For example, add links in on your profiles where you can.
 Do mention in your newsletter and note to followers where people can follow you.
 Do put it in your products and product descriptions or TPT profile.
 Do work to gain your followers organically.

The thing about followers is this: